Photo packages

available extras:

  • Extra Time added to your session $100 per hour
  • Entire Gallery Purchase $100
  • Additional Digital Images $10 per image
  • Photo Retouching $5 per image


Frequently asked

How Do your sessions work, when do we see photos?

All of our sessions will be taken digitally and the photos will be uploaded to a proofing gallery where you can choose the images that are included with your package. At this point you are also able to choose to purchase the whole gallery of images as well.  **proofing galleries are typically sent out within 24 to 48 hours after the session has been completed.

How long before we receive our photos?

After you have selected your images that will be edited and delivered in an online gallery it will take up to 2 weeks to complete your images. If you have chosen to purchase the whole gallery or have a long event such as a wedding it may take up to 4 weeks after the session has been completed. 

How many images will we receive?

Each session includes a specific number of images that are included with the session level that you have chosen. You are also able to purchase additional images individually or the whole gallery.

Do we get all images that were taken?

You will get all images that were not duplicates or bloopers in your proofing gallery where you will choose the images that are included in your package. If you want all of these images you are able to purchase them individually or as a whole gallery.

do you edit every image we receive?

Yes, all images that are chosen with your package are hand edited to adjust lighting and color correction. The number of retouched images you will receive is based on which session package you have chosen. (The retouched images may include blemish removal, background correction and other editing as needed. If you would like to discuss additional edits outside of the basics offered let us know and they can be added to your package.

Do all of our files have a watermark?

All digital files that are selected with your session package will NOT have a watermark once downloaded from your gallery in high resolution.

CAN you hold a date for me?

Of course we can hold a date for you. We consider dates to be “taken” once we have received a contract and the deposit for your session package.  This deposit is 25% of the session package value or $50 whichever is lower. The deposit is due when the contract is signed and will hold your date.

Do you have payment plans?

Your deposit to hold your sesion is due when your contract is signed. The remainder of your session package fee is due on the day of your session. If you would like to split up your payments even further we can come up with a payment plan.

What if we need to cancel the session?

If you cancel the session prior to 7 days we will refund 50% of your deposit.
If you cancel with less than 7 days to the session 100% of the deposit will be forfeited. 


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