hi, I’m ashley

I am a content creator and senior manager at a local awards company in Nebraska where I oversee all marketing and web campaigns for our clients.  This encompasses everything from sample creation, product photography down to ecommerce and website building.

So, why should you work with me?

– I have a background in design and can create your own custom apparel, gifts or photo art for your home
– My unique approach to photography allows you to get one of a kind images of you and your loved ones that you can cherish as home decor or gifts.
-I’m willing to go the extra mile to ensure that my freelance jobs exceed your expectations regardless of what type of project I am working on for you. 

31:13 Studios

Lincoln, NE Area


When I am not working I am likely:

  • Snuggling my baby, he is growing too fast!
  • Out looking for deals, wether it be at the Amazon return store, thrift store or garage sales.
  • Trying to pet the nearest dog
  • Reading any book I can get on the scribd app
  • Watching cooking shows or listening to true crime shows

A few of my favorite things:

  • Color: Green
  • Caffeine: I LOVE Redbull, and fru-fru coffee
  • Food: Steak or Sushi
  • TV Shows: Law & Order: SVU, Dexter or any crime show or documentary.
  • Book: Body Reacher, or pretty much any rom-com novel

Other Fun Facts

  • I collect hobbies and want to try all sorts of different things
  • I love learning and would love to take more college courses.
  • I spent over 10 years taking Tae Kwon Do and I would love to get back into it someday.